"Whenever I talk to people who are frustrated, anxious, disappointed in their career or anything that is going on in their life, I always suggest that they get a coach. I tell people all the time, 'This is your investment in you, and it will pay off forever.'"


Amy Wilkins came to coaching at a point of frustration in her life.


Changes at her job left her feeling ineffective in her role and questioning her own career path. She needed direction and strategies so she could thrive in her career and in her life.


Amy began working with ICF Credentialed Coach Terry Yoffe, PCC. Terry is an executive, transition and career coach based in New York City.


Because of coaching, Amy was able to get past the stories she had been telling herself that prevented her from moving forward. She was able to navigate her workplace and better understand who she needed to work with in order to accomplish her most important goals.

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Amy Wilkins, New York, New York, USA

"Coaching is the ability to work with somebody and help them make changes in their life... to move them in a direction where they can start to become their best selves."

Terry Yoffe, PCC

ICF Credentialed Coach